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    Our department

    Our department

    • Highly qualified teachers

      Great importance is given to improving the quality of the teachers of the department
    • Modern teaching methods

      We use modern interactive, gaming, research, problematic learning methods.
    • Foreign students

      Foreign students have the opportunity to learn subjects in English.
    • Material and technical base

      Characterized by a modern computer and multimedia equipment.
    • Organizational and educational work with students

      Directions educational work with students: patriotic, legal, professional, healthy lifestyle and more.
    • Scientific abilities for students

      On the our Department exists Student Scientific Society for gifted students.

    Best students

    Spring semester 2018-2019

    • Hmuraya Tatyana

      Hmuraya Tatyana

      Student of the 2nd year, Pharmaceutical Faculty No. 1, group 5

    • Himanshu Goyal

      Himanshu Goyal

      Student of the 1st year, International Faculty No. 2, group 16а

    • Ivanchikova Irina

      Ivanchikova Irina

      Student of the 2nd year, Medical Faculty No. 2, group 12mc

    • Kulikova Anastasiya

      Kulikova Anastasiya

      Student of the 1st year, Medical Faculty No. 3, group 2s